Striking a blow for Christian unity

An interesting little story:

NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED … Alaska has a new head of the state Episcopal Church. Bishop Mark Lattime‘s investiture is set for Sept. 4. Earwigs report this very special event had been scheduled for months at the big, beautiful Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic church in West Anchorage, thanks to an ecumenical assist from Catholic Archbishop Roger Schwietz. The Episcopalians asked to borrow the large venue because none of the Episcopal churches is big enough.

Cut to a variation of squawk radio — the right-wing Catholic blogosphere. Up and down the ether, pious judgment artists, many from Outside, were shocked, just shocked to discover the bishop presiding over the ordination was a — gasp! — woman. And the new bishop — horrors! — prefers not tarring and feathering gays. A letter writing campaign was urged.

Earwigs who pray daily for the health of the republic say no orders were given but word came down from “the national and international hierarchy” and Guadalupe was no longer available. The First United Methodist Church behaved like Christians and the ceremony will be held there.

This is probably why Anglicans and Catholics will always struggle to reclaim unity.

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