About Jesse

Version 2The Rev. Dr. Jesse Zink is an Anglican/Episcopal priest, author, and principal of Montreal Diocesan Theological College. His most recent book, A Faith for the Future, was published in January 2016.

He is the author of two previous books on mission and global Christianity. Backpacking through the Anglican Communion: A Search for Unity draws on his extensive travels in the world church to paint a picture of grassroots Anglican life around the world and argue that, in an age of globalization, unity is central to the mission of a worldwide communion. Grace at the Garbage Dump: Making Sense of Mission in the Twenty-First Century draws on his experience as a missionary in Mthatha, South Africa to critique, challenge, and expand notions of Christian mission and evangelism. You can read more about both books elsewhere on this website.

Jesse’s dissertation research at Cambridge University focused on the growth and development of the Christianity in South Sudan during that country’s civil wars. The dissertation, “Christianity and Catastrophe, Sudan’s Civil Wars and Religious Change among the Dinka,” was awarded the Audrey Richards Prize from the African Studies Association of the UK for best dissertation in African studies examined in 2014 or 2015. He is also interested in mission thinking as a site of cross-cultural engagement, the influence of Pentecostalism on historic mission denominations, and much else.

Jesse has also been a DJ, a news reporter, and an ambulance driver. In addition to Cambridge, he has degrees from Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, the University of Chicago, and Yale Divinity School.

Contact him directly at jessezink[at]dio-mdtc.ca or follow him on Twitter (@jazink).

Jesse Zink CV.


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