In South Africa, I had a car – a bit on the small side, but it moved forward and backwards when I asked it to. In Alaska, I could walk most places I needed to and had access to wheels when I needed them.

In New Haven, my wheels are a hand-me-down from my father. I love my new pink bike!IMG_1494(I’m hoping the colour will actually work as a theft-deterrent.)

I have been using it constantly this week around town. New Haven is mostly flat, which makes for pleasant and relaxed riding. The goofballs who started the Divinity School decided it needed to be a “light to the nations” or something and so put the school on the highest hill in New Haven. I have tried every possible approach to that hill and none of them are easy.

There are other cyclists among my fellow students. We made quite a peloton around 1:30am the other night on the way back from a karaoke contest.

In high school, I rode my bike to school until Thanksgiving. I bet I can go past that this year.

One thought on “Wheels!

  1. Hi Jesse,

    I had a red Favorit bike from Czechoslovakia from Grade 10 until just a few years ago. It started out as red but faded quickly. In university on a work term in Ottawa, I had some work done by Southpaw on it. They offended me by recording its colour on the tag as “rust”.

    Blessings as you start your studies and get used to the school and surroundings.

    We visited Cornell this summer briefly and I wondered how cyclists would manage there.


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