Settling in?

I’ve been in New Haven two months now and I feel like I know my way around pretty well. At least, I have well-worn paths to all my usual haunts.

One such haunt is the gym, which is a gigantic seven-story structure that looks like a fort. I go swimming there and since the locker room is close to the pool, I usually don’t bring my towel with me to the pool.

The other day, a little dazed after my swim and seeking a shortcut back to the locker room (again, it’s not that far so my usual path from pool to locker room should have been just fine), I walked out a different door than normal. All of a sudden I was in a stairwell and it was cold. The door back to the pool was locked so I tried another one. That set off an alarm. I went down a level and tried another door. That set off another alarm. Eventually, I had to walk all the way down to the ground floor, walk through the foyer – in my sopping wet bathing suit, goggles in hand – and climb back up the stairs to the third-floor locker room. I may or may not have been the funniest thing the security guard saw that day.

It’s a reminder not to try too many new things when your head is still in the pool and that I shouldn’t feel too comfortable here yet.

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