One of the great things about being an Episcopal divinity student is that there is plenty of money out there to support any efforts you might want to make towards global mission. A couple of organizations routinely fund summer mission trips.

We had a representative from one of these organizations on campus a while back to explain the application process. This person spent a good bit of time on how to write a good project proposal and that prompted a question from me, similar to one I asked at the beginning of the term. I said that I thought the fruits of mission were mostly in the time spent and the relationships built, not in any projects completed, especially given the short time most divinity students have to devote to these trips.

The answer I got was very clear: “there have to be deliverables.” You have to come back with something to show for the money.

That word “deliverables” has been stuck with me ever since. I really don’t like it.

One thought on ““Deliverables”

  1. Jesse, it’s good to read about your studies at Yale, and I had to write “Amini/Amen” from Kenya for this particular post. When did mission language become NGO-speak? God never asked for “deliverables” or “self-sustainability.” God asked us to love our neighbors.

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