Books, books, books

One of the advantages of a place like Yale is, naturally, the library, or, rather, libraries. In particularly, the divinity library has a wealth of mission-related materials – mission theology, mission history, mission memoirs. (A couple of the memoirs are in the rare books library, which makes me feel super-important when I go read those.) I have been taking full advantage of these resources while here. Perhaps too much advantage. Here’s the stack of library books on my desk at the moment. (When the pile starts falling over, then I’ll start returning them.)

Here’s a fun fact for those of you from the Diocese of Western Massachusetts. Stephen Bayne, a former rector of St. John’s, Northampton (which now has a parlour named after him), went on to be the first executive officer of the Anglican Communion in the 1960s and was really critical as the Communion started growing in the post-colonial era. And to think I’ve preached in the same pulpit as him!

One problem is that if you spend your time reading these books all the time, you don’t have any time left for the books you have to read for class. That might explain why I am pathologically behind on my school reading.

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