On my way…

As I was packing the last of my things this morning – ever tried packing for a trip to Sudan and a semester in Cambridge in the same suitcase? Don’t – I found myself thinking about how long I’ve wanted to visit south Sudan and the Episcopal Church there.

It’s been on my mind at least for three years and likely longer, I realized. I briefly thought of visiting fellow missionaries in Sudan rather than Uganda a few years back. (They were brief thoughts because of the cost of the tickets.)

Instead, I’ve contented myself with reading news from and about Sudan but that has only made me want to go more. And now I’m in the airport and about to begin my trip. It’s all a reminder of how blessed I am and how grateful I am for those blessings.

I’ll write as I am able while I am in Juba.

One thought on “On my way…

  1. kcaruso


    Thank you for doing this work. You provide a powerful witness with your desire to be a strory-listener (and I will be stealing that phrase for use in the future). The connections you are helping forge give me hope that we can find away to continue to be a part of a worldwide Anglican Communion.

    You will be in my prayers,
    Kevin Caruso

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