Hacking away

There’s this curious attack on the Democratic senatorial candidate in Delaware that brings Yale Divinity School into the mix:

If you’ve spent two or three years in a significant institution of learning like the Yale Divinity School getting a Master’s degree in Religion — and boast that when elected to the United States Senate you intend to bring the values you learned at that institution to Washington and the world, then the question becomes, in the case of Chris Coons:

What values does Yale Divinity School teach?

What follows is a fallaciously-argued screed against YDS that leaves the reader shaking his head at its distance from the truth. (The Internet can give you a lot of facts, it seems, but not, perhaps, truth or, at least, context.) I can’t imagine the post will change anyone’s mind, though it will probably confirm a lot of people in their pre-existing beliefs.

But the thought that remained with me is that the author obviously put a lot of work into the post. It must have taken him some time. When I think of all the problems in the world and all the human capital that is needed to solve them and then I look at how we as a society are investing our time, it’s pretty easy to despair.

YDS Dean Harry Attridge responded with his own statement.

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