So here I am in the Lagos airport – and the only thing on TV is the Casey Anthony murder trial; honestly CNN, is this the most important thing going on in the world right now? – getting ready to leave Nigeria. My visa expires tomorrow. I have to go.

This brings to the end phase II of my summer trip travels, investigating what Jesus’ prayer for unity means when the body of Christ spans the globe. God willing and Kenya Airways consenting, phase III begins in South Sudan later this week. My aim there is to visit some of the seminary students I met in Juba last September and learn about what ministry is like in their home dioceses.

I’m excited about the next phase of this trip but disappointed to be leaving Nigeria. My month here has flown past and I leave with scores of new friends, hundreds of pictures, and pages and pages of notes. I was convinced when I arrived that Nigerian Anglicans had something of value to teach the world church. I now know that’s true. I hope you’ve been able to read about some of that in posts here over the past few weeks.

I have one or two ideas for posts so there might be a bit more about Nigeria popping up from time to time. But for now, it’s farewell – with the hope that someday I’ll be able to return.

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