Brand new review of Grace at the Garbage Dump

Pastor Julia at RevGalBlogPals has a new review of my book Grace at the Garbage Dump:

I highly recommend Grace at the Garbage Dump for your personal reading, if not for your church book club or any Christian education class from high school and up. In particular, if you are in a denomination that talks about the conservatism of the churches in Africa, this book is for you and yours. What does it mean to be the body of Christ with limbs across the world? A body with limbs that are dying from AIDS, TB, and malnutrition? A body that is schizophrenic about social issues and divides against itself? We cannot undo that we have been made one in Christ because it was not our doing. Thus, we are God’s mission- a mission of relationship and reconciliation. The goal of that mission for us, according to Zink, is to learn to spot grace. Everywhere. Even at the dump.

Read the whole thing.

Have you bought your copy yet? If you’re looking for multiple copies for your book discussion group at church or elsewhere, contact the publisher directly for discounts on larger orders. They’re very helpful and friendly!

Don’t forget: if you want to read the first two chapters for free, you can do so on Amazon. Also, if you want a complimentary review copy for your electronic or media publication, contact James Stock at the publisher—james [at] wipfandstock [dot] com. Or, let me know, and I can set you up.

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