Last Thursday, the shantytown community in South Africa in which I used to work—the place I wrote a book about—was demolished.

You can read an account from one of my successors, Karen.

There are many factors at work here, many complicated, and I’m still trying to untangle all of them. For now, though, consider this picture I took in 2007.

Now consider this picture of the same place Karen took the other day.

Have a look at this image of a woman I knew well when I worked in Itipini.

Look at this one taken by Karen of the same woman with all her belongings.

Whatever the reasons, whatever the intent, whatever the plan, the impact of this move is absolutely devastating. It is a man-made disaster.

Please pray for the residents of Itipini. Details to follow as I track them down.

UPDATE: My two part (part one and part two) account of some of the background to this is now online. For more background on Itipini, you can read the first two chapters of my book on Itipini for free on Amazon.

7 thoughts on “Itipini BULLDOZED

  1. Jesse, this is indeed devastating news. Where are the people who lived there? What will they do? I will stay tuned in to see what you find out. And, of course, I will keep them in my prayers.
    Erica Allison (St. James Church, Hendersonville, NC)

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  3. Susan and I are heartbroken for all who tried so hard to make life better in Itipini. We must all search for what good can come of this, for now there seems to be nothing but pain and sadness. What can be done to help? Harry Jergesen

    1. Jesse Zink

      Harry – the short answer is, I don’t know. But awareness is the first step towards any action. Other steps will likely become clear in time. I’ll keep posting what I know.

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