The reviews just keep on coming

The reviews of Grace at the Garbage Dump are coming quickly now.

There’s a new one in Pastoral Staff, the newspaper of the Diocese of Western Massachusetts:

Jesse tells his story beautifully in Grace. As he used his ingenuity with the schoolchildren, he used it as well to learn Xhosa, to reach out to women dying of HIV and serve as their advocate. He learned, even, to talk to teenagers and women about safe sex, about avoiding pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease, about keeping their options for education open.

(Pastoral Staff is published online as a pdf document. The full review is on p. 14. For kicks, you can read the interview with me that follows the review.)

Have you bought your copy of Grace at the Garbage Dump yet? You can find all the information on doing so here.

And if you’re not ready to buy, remember you can always read the first chapter for free on Amazon.

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