“Honest, reflective journal…”

John Bowen reviewed my book, Grace at the Garbage Dump, in a recent issue of The Living Church. You have to subscribe to read the whole thing, but here’s a tiny excerpt.

Grace at the Garbage Dump is the honest, reflective journal of one young American, seeking to make a difference for Christ in the world, and learning basic lessons of discipleship—humility, servanthood, risk-taking, patience, love, and the value of small things.

Don’t subscribe to The Living Church? You should. It’s a great place to read about the ideas and debates that are shaping contemporary Anglicanism.

And—completely unbeknownst to me—the same issue of The Living Church carried my review of two recent books by the Presiding Bishop—and questioned what Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan has to say to The Episcopal Church.

One thought on ““Honest, reflective journal…”

  1. Jay Croft

    When David Kavelage ended his term as LIving Church editor, he was replaced by humorless, ultra-conservative leadership adoring the Roman Catholic Church and hating our Presiding Bishop. I had been a subscriber for 40 years but ended my subscription as soon as it ran out.

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