(Bestselling) Backpacking Q & A

The latest issue of Trinity News from Trinity Wall St. has a question and answer with me about my new book, Backpacking through the Anglican Communion.

Trinity: During your travels to Ecuador, a man tells you he doesn’t speak much when he meets Americans because Americans are so busy talking all he can do is listen.

JZ: I think one of the greatest challenges in the Anglican Communion is having people speak for themselves. When people speak for themselves, especially people who may not speak English as a first language, who may not have access to the Internet, it really challenges the listening skills of someone like you or me. So in order for more people to speak for themselves, a lot of us are going to have to become better listeners.

Read the whole interview here, by flipping to page 28.

best-sellersThe Christian Century has published its semi-annual report of religious best-sellers and Backpacking is number 4 on Church Publishing’s list.

Keep reading—and buyingBackpacking and all the other great books on this and other lists to keep publishing a strong and vital ministry in the church!

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