Backpacking through the Anglican Communion

Backbacking web no borderThe Anglican Communion is said to be coming apart at the seams. But is that really true? Backpacking through the Anglican Communion is the exciting book that challenges the tired narrative of Anglican disunity.

Jesse Zink has traveled tens of thousands of miles around the world, visiting and worshiping with Anglicans in some of the Communion’s most diverse provinces—Nigeria, the largest province ministering in an unstable political environment; South Sudan, at one point the fastest-growing church in the world, now rebuilding after devastating civil wars; England, the mother church of Anglicans, struggling to adjust to a new, secular age; South Africa, a church dealing with the legacy of entrenched discrimination and rapid social change. The story Zink learns at the grassroots level of the church is far different from the one that dominates its highest levels. He shows that when conversations about power, history, and sexuality are undertaken in a spirit of mutuality and trust, they can strengthen, not weaken, the Anglican Communion.

The result is a book that presents vivid slices of Anglican life around the world, argues convincingly that unity is central to the Communion’s mission, and presents a credible path to achieving that unity in a global church. It is a book that will be sure to shape coming debates about the future of the Anglican Communion.

Backpacking through the Anglican Communion: A Search for Unity was published in January 2014 by Morehouse Publishing (ISBN: 978-0819229014). It is currently available from your local bookstore, on IndieBoundon Amazon (,, or (at the cheapest price of all) on Cokesbury.

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One thought on “Backpacking through the Anglican Communion

  1. Greg

    Fr Zink, congratulations on an excellent book! The title alone caught my attention and I ordered two copies immediately: one for me and one to give away. Now that I have read the book I will be ordering another five copies to give away as gifts to fellow Anglican Christians. The Anglican Communion is a precious gift from God our Heavenly Father not only to its own members but to the wider Christian Church and to the world that is outside the Body of Christ. Thank you for this superb book. I pray that it will be widely read, for in in God’s merciful providence, it will do much good. By the way, I write this as a one who was privileged to be a delegate to GAFCON 2013 in Nairobi, Kenya. Thus I differ strongly with your theological stance on homosexuality but I discern in your words one who truly loves the Lord Jesus Christ and that branch of His holy catholic Church which is called Anglican. May the one true God who is Father, Son and Hoy Spirit bless and prosper your priestly ministry

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