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Download the free Grace at the Garbage Dump study guide here.

Across the church, there’s a growing realization that in order for the church to remain vibrant, it must become more engaged with the issues of poverty, illness, and injustice that beset the world. Churches need to find their role in God’s mission. The holy season of Lent is a particularly appropriate season to reflect on these themes.

But how do local congregations and dioceses best respond to the pressing challenges of the world? What does “mission” mean? How can the church be true to the good news it has to proclaim while at the same time being relevant to the world around it?

The Grace at the Garbage Dump study guide and mission resource is a new tool for churches and pastors as they seek to answer these questions in their local context.

Suitable for use by youth groups, mission/outreach committees, or book study groups, as well as by pastors and priests who lead adult forums, the study guide has chapter summaries, questions for reflection and conversation, links to further mission resources, information on book discounts, and much more. It’s perfect for the congregation looking to be engaged with God’s mission of reconciliation, whether just down the street or on the other side of the world. And it’s absolutely free.

Download the study guide by clicking on this link. Use it to help your group make the most of Grace at the Garbage Dump.

In its review, Episcopal Digital Network said, Grace at the Garbage Dump “would make an excellent study in a Christian Education program…to help people from the one-third world understand the desperate needs of the rest of the world.”

Not sure you want to buy the book yet? Read the first chapter for free on Amazon. (But then read the study guide for information on discounted prices for bulk orders.)

The study guide is absolutely free. Download it here, share it with your friends, parishioners, and neighbors, and then decide if you want to read the book together and reflect on where God is calling you to a role in God’s mission.

Questions? Comments? E-mail the author directly: jessezink [at] gmail [dot] com.

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