Turning mission rhetoric into reality: preview of this afternoon’s study guide launch

Just in time for today’s launch of the Grace at the Garbage Dump study guide at the Episcopal Church’s General Convention, there’s a great article in Center Aisle about the book, its genesis, and what we talk about when we talk about mission in the Episcopal Church.

“I have always loved stories,” he says. “Hearing them, telling them, sharing them. I returned from Itipini with the conviction that the stories of people like those who live in Itipini are not being told. I was also convinced that if we are going to move forward in addressing the problems of global poverty, we need to actually know about one another around the world, how we live and the challenges we face.”…

After publishing his book, Zink created a study guide “as a tool for groups to use as they think about how they can be involved in God’s mission.” The study guide can be downloaded for free at www.jessezink.com. “God is calling everyone to a role in God’s mission,” he says. “Discerning just what that role is is a holy and important task.”

Read the rest of the article here.

In Indianapolis? Stop by for two minutes or twenty tomorrow to pick up a copy of the book, learn about the study guide, or chat about what mission means to you. We’ll be at the Global Episcopal Mission Network booth (#629—you’ve got to go past the food booths). At previous signings, we’ve run out of books pretty quickly so we’ve got extra on hand for tomorrow. But we’re selling them for the special Convention-only price of $15 (30% below what Amazon will sell it you for) so they might go quickly.

See you there!

Turning Mission Rhetoric into Congregational Reality: New Study Guide

“Mission” is the buzzword of this year’s Episcopal General Convention. It’s already a buzzword in mainline Protestant denominations.

But how can churches across the country put that mission rhetoric into reality? What does it mean for a congregation to discern its role in God’s mission?

The new Study Guide and Mission Resource for Grace at the Garbage Dump: Making Sense of Mission in the Twenty-First Century is designed to help Christians put the rhetoric of mission into reality. Designed to be used with youth groups, mission/outreach committees, book study groups, and adult education forums, the Study Guide features overviews and summaries of each section of the book, questions for conversation and discussion, links to further resources, and much, more more. And it’s entirely free.

Download the Study Guide for free at www.jessezink.com/guide. Copy it, distribute it, and use it as a resource to help your congregation find out what God is calling you to… whether just down the street or halfway around the world.

If you’re in Indianapolis for General Convention, stop by the official launch of the study guide. Hosted by the Global Episcopal Mission Network (Booth #629) on Sunday, July 8 from 2pm to 3pm, come by for two or twenty minutes to buy a copy of the book (at a special Convention only rate), ask questions about the guide, and learn more about how to involve your congregation with mission. More information is in this press release.

Read all about what people are saying about the book—and how they are commending it as a resource for congregational study—by clicking over to the reviews page.

Questions? Comments? Contact the author directly. jessezink [at] gmail [dot] com or on Twitter @jazink.

Again, you can download the study guide for free at www.jessezink.com/guide.