Something else I miss…


My life in New Haven has taken on a distinctly plodding style – chapel at the same time every day; classes in the same place every week; meals at the same time.

It’s a far cry from the free-flowing lifestyle that defied planning ahead in South Africa. That uncertainty and unknowingness, I realize, now was a big reason I loved daily life in South Africa and looked forward to it so much. (It’s also a big reason I got so frustrated by it.)

Life in New Haven is also a far cry from the life I lived in Alaska, where each day brought new news stories and new ambulance calls, all springing up out of my control.

So this new life comes as a bit of a shock. I have a date book! That means I can plan far enough into the future to make plans with people to do things. I could never do that in South Africa.

About the only adrenalin I get these days comes from dodging traffic on my bike.

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